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Winter Safety Tips for Your Back

Winter is a common time for slips, trips and back aches. Make sure you are aware of your activities and how you can prevent injuries this season!

Snow and Ice Precautions Snow and ice are common culprits for back injuries in the winter. Follow the tips below to keep your spine safe.

-Keep walkways clear. Whether you do your own snow removal or you hire help, keep your walkways clear so you have a solid, slip free surface to walk on.

-Push snow instead of lifting. If you have to lift, lift with your legs by bending your knees. Do not bend at the waist and lift with your back. Avoid lifting and twisting at the same time. Move your whole body-shuffle your feet and turn all parts together, keeping your spine straight rather than twisting. This will avoid extra strain on the back.

-When walking on snow and/or ice, balance your weight forward. In other words, walk more like a penguin! Shifting your weight over your feet will help keep you steady.

-Give yourself extra time. Don't be hurrying around when conditions are slippery. Take your time when walking, driving, getting in and out of your vehicle, etc.

Indoor Precautions We tend to spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months. Below are a few things you should keep in mind.

-Watch your step. If you put extra rugs down during the winter months, make sure they are not going to be a tripping hazard. You want rugs that lay snug against the floor. Curled up corners or folds in the rug can be just enough to cause a trip or fall.

-Keep moving. Don't just sit around all winter. Inactivity leads to stiff muscles and joints and in turn makes it more difficult for you to move your body. Keeping active will keep you limber. Plus, physical activity can boost your mood and immune system!

Use these winter safety tips to keep safe this winter!

If you experience a slip, trip, fall or back injury make sure to get an adjustment!

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